Saturday, February 12, 2005

Aussies and Reynolds Take Over Pearl NightClub...

Kirsty, Linda and Thanh at Dublin Pub, Dayton Ohio Posted by Hello

So, after a starter at Scor, we moved on to the Dublin Pub in the Oregon District, downtown Dayton. Pictured here, me with two colleagues from Reynolds - Linda (our Sales Incentives guru) and Thanh (our Finance guru). Sonia was probably out dancing with Lindsay in front of the Celtic band when this pic was taken! We then moved on to Pearl Nightclub where we proceeded to tear up the dance floor and make bloody fools of ourselves. A good time was had by all. Or at least, I think it was!

It was fantastic to have Sonia here for a couple of days. The boys (Kyle and Ethan) just loved her. They both commented on how sad they were that she had left - Ethan seemed particularly sad.

It was a shame that Shane couldnt make it out to the farm before returning to Perth - we were so very much looking forward to catching up with him.

Hopefully, we'll get out to Perth for Christmas this year.

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