Monday, February 07, 2005

Chocolate OverDose...

Kyle, Kirsty & Jude at Seafood Restaurant in Newport, Kentucky. Posted by Hello

There must be stronger happy-chemicals in British and Aussie chocolate than in American chocolate. Jude arrived late last week with enough chocolate to keep me going for months and months and months. Probably enough for the average person to spread over a year or so. Me? I'll probably chomp it all down within 30-45 days max!

There's something very strange that happens to me when I start eating this stuff... I can't stop... not until I make myself feel ill. This stuff is creamier and smoother, less waxy and more yummy than the local variety. And it's addictive. That's the problem right there. It's like a drug! :)

Jude's visit was great - lots of laughs, great food (sushi, seafood, homemade meals etc.) and an all-round great time. The time flew and before we knew it, she was gone again. Mike tells me that the boys were unbearable today - missing Aunty Jude (they pronounce it the same way I did as a kid - Arnee Jude), missing the break in their usual routines and wishing there was someone extra in the house to pay them a bunch of attention!

Next up at the Wertz Tree Farm Bed & Breakfast is Sonia - a friend of mine from my teenage days back in Perth, Australia. We met at our part-time supermarket job at Coles. Sonia arrives in Columbus, OH on Thursday and she leaves again on Saturday - returing to Perth on Sunday. Shane (the other friend who was travelling with her) only lasted one week (out of their three week holiday) and already headed back to Perth to fix some 'issues at home'... too bad he didnt get to finish his trip to the USA.

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