Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ethan moves to a 'big boy' bed.

This week saw Ethan (2) saying good bye to the crib and hello to his new 'big boy' bed. He and Kyle (4) now share a bedroom with two single (twin) beds. The giggling fits we hear last thing at night and first thing in the morning are something I wish I could bottle! They're so mischievous and infectious and absolutely delightful.

The boys spent the night with Granny & Papaw (Mike's parents) and Ethan had his first successful potty event - great cheers around here and so it would seem that Ethan has now entered potty-training stage. Gosh - we'll be so glad when that's over. I think potty training is more draining than pregnancy and more painful than child birth! : ) Lucky for me, Mike is the one who will do most of the hard work!

We celebrated (somewhat) St. Patrick's Day last night (a day late) in Dayton's Oregon district. Sam (Aussie mate) and her hubby Scott met up with us at the Dublin Pub where we enjoyed a green apple-tini before heading off to Cafe Boulevard for more cocktails. Then onto Masque - one of Dayton's more 'interesting' night clubs where we danced and partied until the wee hours. Sam had on her 'Kiss Me - I'm Irish' tshirt with green shamrock bobble head band, green toenails and green hair! She's a hoot! My "I Love Ireland" t-shirt got mangled in the laundry, so I resorted to a miniature green plastic Paddy hat with elastic to keep it on my noggin.

Time to go watch "Joe Dirt" on DVD. Happy weekend!

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