Sunday, September 11, 2005

Being sick is soooooo boring...

Here's a pic of Ethan helping me clean the floors. It looks really helpful, but in actual fact, there's no cloth attached to the end of the mop, so all he did was push dirt around the house. But, it made him feel important, grown-up, a housekeeping contributor etc. so what the heck!

Update on Solstice - just as well I cancelled my order - GM dealers are now unable to say whether the Solstices will be ready this calendar year at all! Makes my Honda decision even more comforting. What a joke. I'll be able to fly around like the Jetsons before I'll get my hands on a Solstice!

Beautiful weather outside today - in the 90s. The boys are swimming in the pond with Granny and Mike is out mowing around his trees. I'm sticking indoors and vegetating - hoping to get rid of whatever rugrat germs I've accumulated recently. Sore throat, headache, tired, dizzy etc. yuck. So much for getting the boat out this afternoon...

Word has it that we're unlikely to end up housing a Hurricane Katrina 'refugee family' afterall. We volunteered to take one in and help them out, but according to Mike's Dad, it's unlikely since private accomodation would affect FEMA entitlements. In other words, if we owned an apartment complex and charged rent, we'd be more likely to house a family than a private home owner who doesnt charge rent. How ridiculous.

I re-attempted to learn football this weekend - and failed miserably. I think I understand the game, but I just don't find it engaging. The constant stop/start prevents any kind of flow to the game - unlike basketball, soccer or Aussie rules. Oh well. I've got plenty other things I can spend my time on while Mike watches it.

Oh, hopefully this week I'll get my personalized license plates for the car - "OSTRAYA". Good ole Ocker Aussie pronunciation of our homeland's name. : )

Enough dribbling - time to go find something more interesting to do.

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