Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kyle & Kirsty Hamming It Up Again...

What a weekend! Yesterday was a marathon grocery shopping day with the entire family - havent done that for a while! Last night Mike & I went to Jokers Comedy Cafe to see three comedians (including Mark Sweeney) and our sides were split from the laughter - what a great way to spend the evening!

Today I worked a fair bit - trying to catch up after being out of the office for three days at a local sales meeting. In the afternoon, Mike and I planted 500 Christmas trees while the kids were at Sunday School and watching Spencer (their cousin) play hockey. There are still 1500 trees left to plant. My back and legs and arms are aching already!!! I'm not used to all this manual labor...

Tomorrow is back to work - a quick glance at my calendar shows a day booked full of meetings - too many meetings - when's the work gonna get done?!! Posted by Picasa

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