Sunday, October 30, 2005

Twas the night before candy-fest...

Kyle's off at a birthday party for a school friend (Mike is with him) - so Ethan and I hung out here at the house watching Little Einsteins and taking a bath. The time change (daylight savings) has messed us up a little - I keep thinking its much later than it is.

Today Mike, Tad, Steve & Dana planted probably about 1000 trees (guesstimate on my part) while I watched Ethan and his cousin Dane. I fully exercised my candy bribing skills. Actually both boys were really great - so cute when they play together.

Enjoyed a couple of beers on the front porch in the sun with Tad & Dianne as the sun started setting. The weather was almost perfect here today. The farmhouse has been invaded by ladybugs though - slightly annoying! They're EVERYWHERE.

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