Saturday, November 05, 2005


We planted the last of this year's 2500 Christmas trees today. Glad THAT is over! Looking forward to having Sam & Scott over tonight for dinner etc. - Sam is from Melbourne, Australia - they're both great fun and we wish we were able to get together with them more often. I'm off to a conference in Chicago tomorrow - back home Tuesday night. Trying to finalize plans around Thanksgiving - heading down to Fredericksburg, VA to stay with Scott & Em and their kids - the first time we went down there, I was preggers, the last time we were there, we all got violently ill on the trip down there and headed home the very next morning. Hopefully the third time will be more 'lucky' and we'll be able to stick around and enjoy their company - they're one of the 'funnest' couples we know. Too bad they live so far away. And we don't hold it against them that they're into Nascar! : ) See the link on the right side of this site to see their BLOG. That's about it - gotta go put the final touchs on tonight's dinner - raclette - havent done that in a while. Should be DELISH! Posted by Picasa

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