Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hangin' with the boys...

Here is Ethan and me hangin' at the farm.

Poor Ethan bumped his head on the countertop in the kitchen today - big egg and cut on his head - poor wee buggar.

Tonight as I packed for my Toronto trip, Kyle drew me a picture to remind me of how many nights I'll be away (2), what his name is and how he feels about me being gone (sad). Too sweet!

The big excitement here is that we finally booked our tickets to Newhaven, England for Jude & Ray's wedding in May this year. We leave May 20th and return on the 30th. Mum and Dad will fly down from Scotland and Uncle Wayne/Aunty Sandra (Mum's brother) will fly over from Australia. It'll be the first time Wayne/Sandra meet Mike (and the boys).

Time to go look into when we can use our frequent flyer miles on a trip to Perth (Western Australia). : ) Posted by Picasa

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