Saturday, April 08, 2006


So it's Saturday morning, the sun hasn't come out yet, it's been raining/thunderstorming over night and there's nothing planned for the day... so we all hung out in our jammies and wrestled around in the toy room. Here's Kyle, Ethan and me at our ragamuffin-best!

Only 4 more days and my parents (Nettie & Granda to the boys) arrive for just under two weeks. So, this weekend is the last chance to get the guest room ready for them. Much yet to be done!

My U.S. citizenship ceremony is this coming Thursday (right before Mum and Dad land in Cincinnati).

We've had great emails/letters from Tatjana who will be joining our family later this year as an exchange student. Tatjana has sent us photos, letters and emails and we're very excited about having her become part of the family.
Steve and Sandy (Granny and Papaw) returned from Florida this past weekend. They're so tanned!!! We look ridiculously pale in comparison. It's great to have them home again. Posted by Picasa

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