Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day.

It was a cold, grey, dreary day today. Coupled with a slight hangover and the beginnings of a headcold, the day has been pretty tiring. The boys woke me this morning eager for me to open the gifts they'd got me - books from my wishlist and homemade cards. We spent some time over at Granny & Papaw's house wishing Granny a Happy Mother's Day and then an hour or so on the phone with Nettie (my Mum) to wish her the same.

In less than a week we'll be on our way to England for ten days to attend my Aunt Jude's wedding. My Uncle Wayne and Aunt Sandra will be in England from Australia - I don't think I've seen them in almost 9 years. And while we're there, Mike and I will visit Venice for a couple of days to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.

Anyway --- I'm heading back to the couch to veg out and continue my sniffling. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

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