Friday, May 05, 2006

The Wertz Family

Kyle, Ethan, me and Mike.

This week has flown by. Extremely busy at work. Lots going on.

The boys spent the day with Granny & Papaw since Mike headed up to the cabin with his buddies this morning. They're doing a bunch of 'guy' stuff up there for the weekend - paintball, cards, drinking, snorting insects for $5 bets etc. All the standard caveman-like activities.

The boys and I are going roller-skating tomorrow - a birthday party for one of Kyle's school friends at Trenton Skateway. Never been there before and haven't been roller-skating since I was an extra-clumsy ten year old. Let's hope I don't break any bones.

The house will be so peaceful tonight (currently 7.46pm) if only those boys would stop chitter chattering like a pair of girls at a slumber party. Posted by Picasa

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