Sunday, June 18, 2006

THIS is the life...

The weather here has been unbelievable this weekend - warm, sunny, slight breeze to keep you cool. Just fantastic. The boys have enjoyed splashing around in their "pool". I thought this was a great photo of Ethan in the pool in our front yard (you can see the driveway to the top left of the photo).

We're starting to think about next year's 'investment' - either build a deck out the back of the house, a (real) pool, or newer boat. (Note that I say 'newer' and not 'new'. Talk about money pits!)

Anyway - Happy Father's Day if you're a Dad and you're reading this - Mike & Kyle are heading to Cincy to watch a Reds game (baseball) together. Ethan and I are going up on top of the hill for a 'picnic' and pond swimming with Granny & Papaw, Aunt Susie and Max and Spencer. I may have to partake in a gin and tonic or two. Posted by Picasa

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