Sunday, June 18, 2006

World Cup Crazy!

Upon our arrival in England last month, the boys were presented with what you see Ethan wearing in this photo - English Soccer uniforms - a gift from Aunty Jude & Uncle Ray.

This picture was taken this morning as the boys got ready to head off to Sunday School. Kyle didn't get to wear his uniform since he had to wear his Vacation Bible School (VBS) t-shirt. He's been at VBS all week and thoroughly enjoyed it. From what I could tell when I dropped his at the church this morning, the kids were going to put on some type of presentation/skit for the church congregation as a result of their activities etc. at VBS.

Side note: church and Sunday school bring back haunting memories for me as a kid -- I hated HAVING to go. It's really cool to see our boys enjoying it so much and WANTING to go. Big difference.

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