Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tubing Dude.

Today we went out on the boat at Caesar's Creek for the afternoon. Here's a great shot of Kyle getting ready to go tubing. He had a blast. And I got sunburned. Of course, Mike & Ethan had a great time too. With all our travelling this summer, this weekend was our first opportunity to get the boat out. And the summer is almost over.

On another note, Tatjana arrives this coming Thursday night. Kyle is counting down the days. We cleared out the spare room yesterday, in preparation for her arrival. We've decided to make a project out of decorating the spare room and since Tatjana will be living in it for the next 10 months, she gets to choose the look and feel for the room.

Time to go and enjoy the remnants of the weekend. Another busy week ahead of us with work, Kyle at Safety Town school all week and Mike & Ethan kicking back doing the "housework" --- IF that's what you call it! Posted by Picasa

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