Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kyle's First Day of Kindegarten

This photo was actually taken at the end of his first day at Hunter Kindegarten because I forgot I had the camera in my bag when I went to work that day!

Kyle had quite an experience with the school buses on this first day - not only did the bus not show up to pick him up, but the trip home was spent on the entirely wrong bus. Noone really knows where he went, but thankfully he knows his address and was able to tell the bus driver who made a special trip to bring him home. I couldn't believe the school, bus coordinator and teacher all told him the wrong bus numbers - yes plural bus numbers!

Anyway - he's loving school now. And apparently is so cute getting off the bus each day - running up to the house and stopping midway to wave bye to all his friends on the bus. Too cute. Sooooooo American!

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