Sunday, October 22, 2006

Me & My Boys...

It's amazing what you can get out of a simple candy bribe. Here, all it took was the prospect of a lollipop each, to convince these guys to sit still, face the darned camera and attempt a smile. I love it!

It's getting cooler here in Ohio. Ten degrees Celcius today. Windy. Grey. Cold. Winter will be here before I'm ready!

We carved pumpkins after the kids got back from Spencer's ice-hockey game today. Tonight we're watching some goofy kid movie, "The Little Vampire". Last night we hung up fake spider webs in the garden out front of the house. Trashy, I know. But the kids love it.

Went to see Ron White in concert on Friday night and then dinner/drinks in Mt Adams (Cincinnati) with Dale & Melissa - GREAT time. They're such fun to hang out with.

Friday, Tatjana spent the day with me at work - she had the day off school. She whizzed around the office with me, sat in meetings with my team (they're so great!) and hung out in my office probably bored to pieces!

This week I'm off to Detroit to meet with a couple of the publications we advertise in as well as a marketing communications team that might be able to help us with some of our work at Reynolds. I'll be catching up with some of our reps and customers too. Friday night is a MaryKay night at Susie's. And this weekend is Sam (fellow Aussie from Melbourne) & Scott's Halloween Party - cant wait. I'm going as a devil (how appropriate, I'm sure many would agree!). And Sunday will see us hosting Mike's soccer team here at the farm for a get together or some sort.

So many things going on this week - not to mention the official decision regarding the UCS (a competitor of ours) acquisition of Reynolds (who I work for). Should be a crazy week and no doubt, it'll fly by.

Thoughts going out to Nana & Pop in Mandurah as they work their way through the tricky decisions ahead of them; Jude & Ray the newlyweds in Newhaven(!); Wayne, Sandra & Wazz in Dampier and their pooch situation; and Ma & Pa in Fochabers in their immigration efforts; Mal & Isla in Success with whatever the heck they're doing these days (!!); all my awesome, wonderful, dearly missed friends in Australia, England and other parts of the US who I wish I lived closer to and spent more time keeping in touch with. I miss you all. Come visit me some time!!!

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