Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006

We were all very spoiled this year - must've been the fact that we were all so well behaved (yeah, right!).

Santa was very kind to each of us.

As were all the friends and family who so generously sent wonderful gifts from near and far.

Thank you to everyone - we had so much wrapping paper that we had to light the fire and burn it all off!

Now, we're preparing for the masses of family members who will be joining us here for Christmas dinner.

Mike's family will be here around 1pm for turkey and beef.

Mike's been smoking the meats the last day or so - should be great.

Homemade jerky, Aussie pavlovas, shrimp and other yummy delights will be part of the feast.

We'll do our traditional gift exchange - this year with a slight twist - each person provided their wishlist of three gift ideas they'd like.

Merry Christmas everybody!!


  1. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Your Xmas sounds as mental as ours, but soooo fun fun, isn't it!!!

    How long are your Mum and dad staying for?

  2. They're here until January 3rd. It's great having them here. And the boys are loving it!!!