Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nettie & Granda Are In Town

Mum and Dad have survived their first week with us and still seem to be in good spirits!

They spent the evening with the kids (all three) last night watching DVDs while Mike & I went to a Christmas party.

We had a great time meeting some new people and participating in a funny White Elephant gift exchange where I ended up with a puck from Friday night's Blue Jackets game. Joe's brother (Joe is my current boss at Reynolds) who is a photographer for Sports Illustrated, was at the game and was nearly hit with the puck. It made a very unique gift!

Mike on the other hand benefited from some of Joe's artwork. Hermes, (see pic), received a coat of silver paint and some fresh lipstick before being included in the gift exchange.

Mike wasn't quite sure what it was until we explained that Hermes is an advertising award. Joe has won so many of them that he's started pawning them off on poor unsuspecting gift exchange participants!

On another topic, the secret glass ball giver remains unnamed.

I now have three of these beautiful ornaments - the first came from Carolyn Rice. I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember where the second one came from - I just know I'm probably offending someone - I could use a gentle reminder... The third one remains an absolute mystery - other than the fact that it was someone at Reynolds since it was hanging on my cube wall. I wish I knew who the thoughtful person was - thank you!

I love them!

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