Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nettie & Granda Take Over the Kitchen...

Here's Mum and me in the kitchen post-Clootie Dumplin' making with Dad.

Mum's job was to figure out what supplies were needed for the Lasagna she plans to make for dinner; and what supplies were needed for NYE (tonight).

And then here's me and Dad.

Dad was making a traditional Scottish pudding - Clootie Dumplin' with lots of 'help' from Mum and me in the kitchen.

We're not sure how well the dumplin' will work since the recipe seemed to be a little lacking in wet ingredient quantities... so we improvised... by adding scotch (whisky).

It's only lunch time here in the US, so it's a little odd to think that our friends and family back in Perth (and the rest of Australia) have already celebrated the new year and are all probably in bed asleep by now.

And those in the UK and Europe are just starting the party now. We, here in the US still have time for lunch, shopping, a nap, preparations, dinner, house cleaning and who knows what else - maybe read a book, mow the grass, etc...


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