Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sun & Snow in Ohio.

The sun is brilliant today, although it's been snowing this morning.

Weather forecast looks like minus ten (celcius) for the next 4-5 days which probably means more snow and lots of shivering.

Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

But the hint of sunshine has amazing effects on my attitude - makes me want to run away from home and go live in Arizona or Texas or somewhere HOT and sunny!!!

So... one thing I like to do is read the "crazy news" online - Offbeat on the Australian Broadcasting Company's website - here. I just read about some guy in Australia who is trying to sell his life on eBay! Apparently someone in England put in a bid of 7500 pounds (about nineteen thousand Aussie dollars). Click here to read the article!

Well - time to go finalize a workout schedule that I'm going to stick to; plan our Spring Break vacation to Florida; find the ultimate showerhead; and get the ironing done. Happy Sunday!

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