Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Hair...

In an effort to better match the colors of the bags under my eyes (ha!), I had my hair colored this afternoon - low lights to bring things back to my natural color, with just a few highlights. This photo doesnt show the colors too great, but it's a big departure from the colors I've been sporting lately.

Add to that, tomorrow sees the beginning of a new workout routine at Premier Fitness in Middletown. Goal is to get back to my wedding day weight/size, so the plan is two cardio/weight sessions plus one pilates session each week.

Piano playing is going well. Nowhere near the skills of Elton John or Liberace (!!!) but a damnsight better than I was when the piano first showed up. Funny how 8 1/2 years of organ lessions (with daily practice) seemed so painful as a kid and yet now, as an adult, I really enjoy the challenge (and relaxation) of tinkling the ivories every evening. Good eye hand coordination practice and a real sense of accomplishment.

What else? Heading to New York City on June 18 for the week to attend DM Days (a direct marketing conference). Hoping to catch up with Matt Schomburg (and his financee Katie) while I'm out there. They get married on June 22. Jamie Connelly and Shane Buchan are flying in from Perth for the wedding - wonder if I'll catch up with them too...

That's about it... time to go plan a Memorial Day weekend trip (Chicago?) and a going away party for Tatjana who leaves June 25th to head home to Germany after living with us for about 10 months during her exchange program. Can't believe 9 months have passed already. We'll miss her tremendously. She's done so well at school here and been a fantastic add to the family. I see a trip to Europe (Germany in particular) in the not-too-distant future!
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