Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a hectic month it's been so far...

June has been absolutely CRAZY so far!

Kyle lost his second front tooth as you can see from the photo. I returned Friday from four days in New York City (DM Days Conference) where I got to catch up with Matt & David Schomburg and Jamie Conolly from highschool (in Perth) - saw them on the last night I was in NY - Matt got married this past Saturday - woo hoo! About time!

I picked up a couple of cute t-shirts for the boys while I was in NYC - NY City Jail for Ethan (the criminal) and NY SWAT for Kyle.

We had Tat's farewell party yesterday - she returns to Germany tomorrow - after over ten months with us as an exchange student.

Needless to say, we'll miss her terribly. She's so excited to get home to her friends and family and they must by DYING to see her again after so long.

We had a blackboard from one of the recently demolished schools framed and hung in the kitchen today - looks great and the kids LOVE drawing on it - keeps them occupied for hours!

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