Monday, July 09, 2007

Put In Bay 2007

Well, I didn't take anywhere near as many photos as in years past.
I left the camera charger at home and forgot to unpack the purse that I usually carry the camera in.

I also neglected to take my brain with me to the bay this year ... and given my unfortunate bike imbalances, it's probably a good thing I didnt have the camera with me all the time.

The weather at the bay was phenomenal this year - perfect the ENTIRE time we were there. As always, Judy and Bob (owners of Ashleys Island House) were the most gracious hosts.

We landed around lunchtime on Friday and left again around lunch time Sunday. Seven couples in total (although Thanh and Leslie aren't exactly 'together') - one of the best years yet - lots of laughter and a great mix of people.

We returned home to two very sunkissed and pooped out kids who'd learned to ride bikes, swim in the pond and had such a great time with Granny & Papaw while we were gone. They slept like logs that night, as did we!

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