Thursday, July 12, 2007


Is this not one of the happiest, brightest faces you've ever seen? (The one in the foreground that is, not the one in the background!!!)

Here's Kyle getting his story before bed with Mike. Clearly Mike is entrenched in the story, and Kyle - not so much! He's a ham when he knows there's a camera around!

And now that he's lost another tooth (last night he pulled it out himself), along with his new watch (a real one with hands instead of digital), he thinks he's the bees' knees. He told me tonight that his new watch makes him feel like an undercover spy/agent.

Good day in the office today - focused on a special project which is stretching my mind. Love that stuff!

Met up with "Sam I Am" for a sundowner after work at O'Learys. She's always fun to hang with and chat about all kinds of stuff.

Another perfect day in the garden spot of the world (cough cough) - Ohio.
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