Sunday, October 07, 2007

2007 Wertz Family Tree Farm Shindig

Some great pictures taken yesterday by the team at Big Gig Photography - thanks to Sam & Scott.
The band was great. The weather was hot (at least it didn't rain). There was plenty of beer and food. And throughout the afternoon/evening, we had a steady flow of folks joining the fun.
It got dark FAST though. Nothing a bonfire and a string of fairy lights couldn't fix though.
And the headache and mess this morning really weren't too bad at all. I vote we do it again next year.
Maybe this time, we'll give people more advance notice.
Kyle and Mike both took at turn at the drums - and both did really well... Mike's been playing them forever though - Kyle seemed like he might have a little natural talent worth investigating... or maybe I just cant tell the difference between good and bad drumming! Afterall, have you heard me 'playing' the piano lately - not exactly Liberace!!!

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