Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wertz Family Tree Farm 2007 Shindig

Wow! This pic was taken a while ago - in fact, it was taken the very first year Mike started 'growing' the tree farm.

That first year, he planted 3000 Christmas tree saplings by hand. Yes, that's right - BY HAND.

Of course, things are done a little more efficiently (and a little more smarter) these days!

We're really looking forward to this weekend when we'll be hosting the first ever Wertz Family Tree Farm Shindig - featuring Raised by Possums (live band).

Lots of friends, family and colleagues coming out to the farm to enjoy the farm life a little and have a good time.

We officially open for business this year - the weekend after Thanksgiving - offering pre-cut Christmas trees (several varieties) as well as home-made wreaths with handmade bows - made from scratch by none other than Mike Wertz himself --- I kid you not!!! And these wreaths last a LONG time and smell so so so good and Christmasy!!

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