Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas in the 'boro...

Today we're participating in the Springboro Christmas Parade to help promote Wertz Family Tree Farm. We'll be driving Mikes parents' prowler and walking alongside handing out candy canes.

I'm a little hesitant about our sign - it looks a little goofy, but it'll have to do. No sense in spending big bucks on something we'll use maybe once.

I'll post some photos a little later today.

The barn is almost ready for next Friday (that's when we open for business) - with tables, lights, a decorated tree and more. It's getting exciting! We sold our first tree for the year yesterday - a ball and burlap (ready to plant) full sizer from the field which Mike was thrilled about. Lovely couple who were driving by and decided to stop in and see if we were selling trees! Of course!!!

Photos to come later. Now it's time to go get ready for the parade.

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