Sunday, November 18, 2007

Springboro Christmas Festival/Parade...

We did it... completed the Christmas parade in Springboro as if it were a marathon or something!

We waited about 90 minutes in position, and then it began... Kyle, Nettie (my Mum) and I handed out candy canes while Mike, Dad and Ethan rode in the Prowler.

The sign stayed in tact (amazing since it was quite a homemade piece of ... work) and we had plenty of candy canes to last through the whole parade.

Saw Phil Stephens and his daughter Macy (Stephens Direct/Advertising) as well as Jeff Gurr from GE Money with his family. Of course superstar supporters Granny & Papaw were there too.

All in all, great exposure for the tree farm and something we'll consider doing again next year.

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