Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update from the Wertz Household

Hunter Elementary School had their Christmas 'play' this past week at the Franklin Highschool auditorium.

Here's a shot of Kyle with his schoolmates singing one of about 8 Christmas songs they performed on stage.

It was hilarious - especially when they sung Jingle Bells at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS - squwaking style!

We got our tree up recently and the boys helped decorate it. We've got lots of presents under it now and I'm not really sure how Santa will manage to fit his gifts under there too.

Mike and I headed out last night to a couple of Christmas parties - one at the Shields' house and one at the Lyons' house - I worked with Sara Shields at Reynolds and currently work with Joe Lyons at GE Money. It was great seeing everyone and enjoying a festive beverage with them. The kids spent the night at Granny & Papaw's.

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