Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And More Merry Christmas

A few pics from Christmas Day here at the farm. The boys were spoiled rotten which I think really is a bad thing.

We even had them donate toys to Goodwill on Christmas Eve - to make room for the new toys... but still there are too many!

Ethan moved into his own bedroom too!! He's such a big kid.

Here's a shot of the gift exchange - lots of noise, wrapping paper, gifts and good cheer.

And then there was Susie (Mike's sister) and me, sitting on the piano stool with our digital cameras, taking goofy photos of everyone. Funny! She's such a ham. : )

Last, and certainly not least, a shot of the Aussie choc-bouquet which arrived from Perth in the mail. All the way from Stemsational Florists (AKA Wendy Roberts) - a heavenly treat that will stay with me (on my butt/gut) for plenty of time yet!!!!

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