Thursday, June 05, 2008

Been a bit slack with the blog lately...

Haven't made enough time to keep the blog up to date lately... so here's a few photos of late.

We discovered a Killdeere (?) bird nesting in the tree farm driveway so got a shot of the eggs - they blended in with the gravel and any time you got close to the nest, the mother would run away from the nest and pretend to be injured - in the hopes that it would keep you away from her nest.

The weather hit about 100 degrees Fahrenheit today - hot and muggy. I LOVE SUMMER!!!

I had my EGD today - interesting experience! The drugs totally wiped me out and I have no recollection of the event. Tomorrow I'm back to work good as gold.

We're going out to dinner with Ray, Jude, Mum and Dad tomorrow night at The Pine Club. Saturday we're having a shindig on top of the hill here at the farm. Hopefully the weather works out for it.

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