Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm Thankful For...

Other than the usual things? Oh wait... they're just as important as the unusual things.

I'm so thankful for an amazing family--not only my very own amazing little hub of male farmer freaks, but also my in-laws and my own extended family--both here and overseas, in Australia and Scotland.

What a lucky gal I am to have worked with so many very very smart folks at GE Money--and so fun they were too. And now, to have an opportunity to scratch my entrepreneurial itch and join the team at Thinkronize... I'm really excited and amazed that so many doors keep opening to amazing things for me. I must've done something good in a previous life!!!

Oh, and I'm very thankful for white turkey meat with Mike's mashed taters (to die for) and all the goodies that go with that stuff... DELISH!

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