Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost ten years ago...

It just dawned on me that in just a couple of weeks, I will have been here in the U.S. for a whole decade. That's a long time--the longest I've ever lived in any one country! Almost a third of my entire life!!

I tried to research historical events that occurred on January 13th, 1999 to reflect on other significant happenings of the day. The only thing I came up with was Michael Jordan's second attempt at retirement!

Later that same year, Dusty Springfield died (age 59); MGM hosted the first online DVD event; Viacom bought CBS for $36 billion (largest media acquisition in history); there were a LOT of earthquakes killing LOTS of people all around the world; etc.

So much has changed since I arrived here on that day... I wonder where life will take me in ten more years...

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