Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kyle turns eight.

Hard to believe it, but Kyle is now eight years old... boy does time fly!
On Saturday we held a brunch birthday party for him.
The brunch thing started last year when we were selling trees from 12-8pm everyday and the only time we could manage a party where we were both able to attend, was in the morning. Kyle loved the donuts and other yummy breakfast foods from last year so decided he'd like another brunch party.

He received all sorts of wonderful presents and loved them all--a bomber jacket, airplanes, Star Wars book and game, giftcard, airplane framed picture, Captain Underpants books and game, magnetix and more... he was so jazzed about everything.
He even got a phone call from Germany--from Tatjana who lived with us for 10-months on an exchange student program. She's such a sweetheart! She has her own birthday tomorrow.
The kids (a total of 7 at the party) enjoyed playing birthday party games like Wrap the Mummy, Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues, and Suck Up the M&Ms.
It's been an awesome weekend although the weather has been terribly cold--right now, the temperature is 2 degrees fahrenheit (-17 celcius) but with the strong winds, the weather channel says it feels like -17 fahrenheit (-27 celcius)!!!
I wonder if it'll snow overnight...

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