Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where did February go?

I had to check the date on my laptop about four times today--I've TOTALLY lost track of where we are in the month, so it's no surprise that I was blown away to find out that the month is almost over. Over! Already... where did all those days go?

  • Ethan turned six.
  • I attended TCEA (tradeshow) on my first ever visit to Austin (beautiful city).
  • We saw Raised by Possums in their final public performance at The Trolley Stop.
  • The Aussies invaded the farm for a night of raclette dinner.
  • Kyle is becoming quite the tai-kwon-do expert.
  • Ethan is turning into a swimming champ.
  • Mike is up to mile 61 and counting. And he had a four day weekend in Minnesota with 7 other guys on an ice-fishing trip.
  • And, our hot tub was delivered--what a treat to relax in it at the end of the day.

I suppose that's quite a lot of activity for a month--no wonder it flew by!

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