Sunday, March 01, 2009

Busy weekend.

Lots of fun catching up with friends and hanging out with family.

Poor Ethan has a fever today and isn't well. Add to that, night terrors. Poor lil guy.

Great margarita party last night at the Hiers'. Lots of familiar faces from Reynolds and Reynolds. And some new faces--fun to meet and hang out with everyone.

I put in a solid 80 minute workout at the YMCA yesterday and am feeling the pain from it today. All for a good cause though!

Loving the Celebrity Apprentice tonight--I'd LOVE to make cupcakes for a living. If only I could bake... and if only I were creative! Wouldn't that be fun?

Big week ahead at work--lots of strategic planning and plenty of day-to-day tactical stuff to dig into too.

Great photos from Jan & Dave after they had a visit from my brother Malcolm and his better half, Isla.

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  1. Shane got night terrors something awful from about 3 until about 7. He finally outgrew them. There was no reasoning with him when he would get them. I finally figured out to just take him to the bathroom and then put him right back into bed. Of course, I learned because he peed on me but that's a different story. ;o) Ethan will outgrow them. :)