Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has sprung at Wertz Tree Farm

Currently, it's 11 degrees Celcius at Wertz Tree Farm. The sun is shining and the sy is pure blue. I decided it was time to put on my workboots and go for a walk around the farm with Sadie, our yellow labrador.

We found a stranded kitten up on top of the hill--tiny little black thing with a white paw. After sharing a handful of dry cat food with him (well, technically, I threw the food toward him), he hissed and snarled at me, so I went on about my business and left him to his.

I planted some tulips (purple, orange and white) in the yard and Sadie found what looked like a rack of rabbit ribs to chew on. It's warming up so I think we'll head back out again once I've picked the boys up from my parent's place at lunchtime.

More photos posted on facebook.

Since starting this post, the temp has risen to 13 degrees Celcius -- wahhoooo!

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