Saturday, January 02, 2010

The long and (not so) windy road...

The view from the car as we head thru Kansas toward Ohio is less than exciting. In fact, it's plain ole boring. And dark. And cold. The cows in the fields are covered in icy coats of leather and don't seem to mind it at all. Probably beats being on the grill.

Malcolm and Isla are in the big apple by now, surrounded by big lights, loads of traffic and plenty of action. It was so fun having them in Colorado with us and a real win that they enjoyed skiing and snowboarding as much as they did.

Back to reality for most of us on Monday although we get to enjoy Wayne for one more week before he heads back to Perth and I head off to England for work.

Loving my Kindle on this trip--so handy! I'm heading back to The Secret. Until Kansas City...

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