Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Restaurant Week in Dayton Ohio

I was so excited. I love trying new restaurants and Bahn Mai Thai's website looked great. The menu sounded fab. And I was hungry by the time I got home from work. $20.10 for a delicious meal-what a deal!

But that's where the good sounding stuff ended. The food was deep-fried and just average, if that good. The Pad Thai was heavy on the fish sauce and the Pad Kapow was exceptionally salty--to the point where you couldn't eat it.

After informing our server of the salt overload, she simply looked at us blankly and walked away. No apology. No offer to bring a fresh, less salty batch. Nothing.

So we asked for our check, paid for our meal and left. What a shame. I wonder how many other potential loyal customers they lost tonight because of disappointing food and poor service?

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