Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

You might recall a recent post announcing the end of the flu vaccine trials that the boys were part of. This afternoon Mike and the kids picked me up from the Doctor's office after my appointment. I jumped in Gertrude (our car) and the first thing I hear is Ethan saying, 
"So, how much money did you get Mom?”
He’s so used to going there for the flu trial program where he donates blood and in return, receives an envelope of cash that he just assumed everyone does the same thing and gets paid to do it!

Then at home, while waiting for dinner to cook, we're asking Kyle about what other kids eat for lunch at school and about the mechanics of the school cafeteria (who sit next to is determined by what you eat for lunch--can you believe that?!). When asked why the school cafeteria doesn’t just make the PB&J sandwiches instead of buying pre-mades, Kyle responded with, 
"Because the lunch-ladies are overweight and therefore too lazy to make PB&J sandwiches!"

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