Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kirking of the Tartans?

I'd never heard of it until I moved to the U.S. when my in-laws mentioned a Kirking of the Tartan ceremony at their Presbyterian church.

I assumed that perhaps since I spent only part of my life living in Scotland, I'd just never heard of this tradition.

Years later, my parents also moved here to the U.S. and this year, for the first time I've ever known of, my father wore his kilt in public, to church--two once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences.

So, I took some photos and read up a bit online about the tradition only to find out that there's no record of the ceremony ever occurring in Scotland! Plenty of theory around where the tradition came from and why it might be more common in Canada and the U.S. than anywhere else.

Either way--it was enough to get Dad into his kilt and for Kyle to get his Robertson Clan t-shirt on for the special day.

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