Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spoiled... Rotten...

Hiking at Sugarcreek Reserve.

Fall (Autumn for non-Americans) is well, leaf season. For most people, raking leaves is a nightmare chore, but not for Kyle & Ethan this past weekend!  They spent hours in the back yard building "Fort Leaf" and then hiding behind it.

So cute to see them playing nicely together--outside, away from computers, TV and video games!
Building Fort Leaf

This weekend is Halloween so the kids will dress up and then canvas the neighborhood begging for candy.

They'll collect so much candy that I'll have to secretly siphon stashes of candy and offload it on folks in the office to avoid rotten teeth and excess fat cells here at the farm.

We like to share ; )

Rotten Pumpkins

Here are the four pumpkins who received face-lifts while the Aussies were visiting--a little worse for wear but hanging in there waiting for the weekend!

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