Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wasting time?

I think this new background design is my favorite so far. It's so busy, but somehow I'm okay with it.

A friend from WAYYYYYYY back (primary school days) announced today that she'd closed down her facebook account to plug back into the family. Got me thinking about how the times they are a changin' with everyone being so much more connected through the internet. It's so easy to snap a pic and post it to facebook or a blog or whatever.

Without the internet, my grandmother (88 years old) wouldn't be able to webcam chat with my kids and me, and I wouldn't be able to see the ultrasound photos of my very first blood niece/nephew (not sure what it is yet!).

If it wasn't for facebook, I wouldn't have reconnected with my friend from primary school, nor got to know her better. But she's made a wise decision for her young family and I respect that.

Every minute counts. Are you spending it the way you really want to, or are you on auto-pilot wasting away the day?

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