Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oceana Sunset Rental Property in Warnbro, Western Australia

I'm posting this on my blog, because I have a hunch it'll be nixed from the review page and  guest book page on the owner's website.

When I was researching properties, I searched for guest reviews of this property and found only positive ones (I should've known that was a red flag), so for anyone considering renting this property, here's what our experience was like.

You might appreciate the other side of the story.  I sure would've.

We spent two weeks at this property. The main reason we booked it was because it advertised having wireless internet, important to us for continuing business/work/school while in town for a wedding.

The wireless internet didn't work, and over the two weeks we were there we spent a ridiculous amount of time and money contacting the owner (in China) to get it resolved. At the end of the two weeks, our eight guests (and 6 wireless devices were still not able to access the internet). The one laptop we had was able to use a thumb-drive for internet access, thanks to the property manager, but the rest of the guests were out of luck.  [It turns out the owner had known the internet hadn't been working--for about 8-10 months!]

Add to that the ant infestation in the kitchen, the centipede-like worms throughout the house, nails and splinters poking out of the back porch floor, the lack of linens, and an overgrown garden (we had to ask for it to be mowed, and then one day a gardener decided to start working on the flower beds--odd and invasive).

On our last day, we witnessed the next tenants arriving to pick up keys while the poor cleaning ladies were still working on the house.

Then, after we left, the owner tried to tell us we would have to pay a linen charge which later turned out to be incorrect since it was part of the rental fee per our booking agreement.

What kind of amateur set up is this?

This property needs some serious TLC and the owner needs to let the management team do their job without forcing them to cut corners.

I bet this review never makes it onto the property website, or the Stayz page. If I'd known this was what we were renting (and how we'd be dealt with), I would've chosen another property.

Here's the link to the property page:

And here's the link to the booking site:

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