Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Using Emerging Media to Target Minorities

I'm working on a post for my class which requires doing some research into best practices of Fortune 500 companies in using the web to reach minority groups.

I'm focusing my post on the efforts of General Electric but as I read secondary material, I find it interesting to learn that only 55% of African-American and 57% of Hispanic households have wired internet access in the home--compared with 72% of white households (according to a recent report from the Department of Commerce).

This makes it a little trickier to reach these minority groups with emerging media, if they're limited in their access to those channels. That's where smart phones and mobile-enabled websites present an opportunity to reach these groups despite lack of access to high-speed wired internet access. Smart phone prevalence is on a sharp incline and according to an interview with Chet Fenster, Managing Partner at MEC Entertainment, more people are spending more and more time online on their phones.

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