Monday, May 28, 2012

What on earth are you talking about?

“Emerging Media and the Market” is the latest class I’m taking as I study for my Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications at West Virginia University. 

One of the requirements is the development of a blog during the 9-week class. I’ll be using my existing blog exclusively for this purpose during this time frame and I’ll be sharing my thoughts and discoveries as I learn more about how emerging media affects our world and the way we interact with each other and the brands being marketed to us.

That’s a pretty broad scope—almost akin to the study of sociology. Wait, what? Sociology? According to Dartmouth University, sociology looks at “the structure and dynamics of society, and their intricate connections to patterns of human behavior and individual life changes”. What does that have to do with emerging media? Aren’t media simply tools for interaction with others? defines media as “various means of communication”.  

The video below hits on one of the most interesting characteristics of emerging media, in my opinion: the ability for the consumer to be the creator of content in an amazing array of formats.


So, for the next nine weeks, I’ll be using this blog to explore emerging media and its impact on how we live. 

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  1. Join in the discussion--how has emerging media affected your life in the past 5-10 years?