Tuesday, June 05, 2012

It's a two-way street.

Marketing used to be a one-way street. Brands created their message and delivered them to consumers via television, radio, newspapers and other one-way channels. There was no immediate feedback loop, and certainly no way for the consumer to instantly participate in the development of those messages.

Today, emerging media make it possible for brands to engage the consumer during the building of their marketing messages, to solicit feedback and help create and fine-tune those messages. Marketing can now be a two-way street where the consumer and brand collaborate to create the ultimate brand experience that resonates with the target market optimally.

For example, Ben & Jerry's icecream brand let consumers invent their own icecream flavors with the "Do the World a Flavor" competition. Perfect! Let the customer develop all the innovative new product ideas! VitaminWater and Dunkin Donuts gave this approach a try too. Why not? A well designed and cleverly executed web campaign can enable some amazing interaction between consumers and brands--generating new ideas, consumer-centric value and all in real-time with relatively low costs.

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