Monday, June 18, 2012

Using Emerging Media to Collaborate with Colleagues

Emerging media isn't just for engaging prospects and customers. What about employees, colleagues and industry peers? Tapping into the power of a crowd can be powerful internally as well as externally. The internet presents amazing opportunities, and options, for connecting with others and building upon each others ideas, opinions and efforts.

This video does a nice job explaining the benefits of crowdsourcing.

But having all those options to choose from also creates an air of confusion. What options does each tool offer? What features does my team need? Which tools are the "big guys" using successfully? Which should we avoid? Which tool is best suited for my team? Urgh. It's too much to think about.

So we go back to the old familiar Outlook inbox and dig ourselves a deeper hole of endless emails and document version control hell, wondering if there'll ever be a better way to collaborate efficiently.

But there's good reason to revisit this conundrum. "Using a variety of personality types has been proven to be a more effective way to work", according to Geil Browning in a 2011 Inc. post. Problem-solving can be turbo-charged when a broader audience is given an opportunity to get involved. Technology makes it faster and easier for employees to engage in those projects they're particularly passionate about. And, by opening up projects in a public forum (within the internal audience, of course), internal stakeholders can join in whenever they're ready, rather than waiting to be invited to share an opinion.

Why is it so hard to get it figured out? Which tool(s) do you use to collaborate better internally?

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