Sunday, July 08, 2012


Okay, so it's week 8 (of 9) for my "Emerging Media & the Market" class here at West Virginia University, and each week I've been posting something to do with emerging (social) media and so far none of my classmates have posted any comments, and only one of my social network contacts has left a comment. I fully expected some sort of smart alec comment from at least a handful of my friends! But no, just crickets.

So I checked my blog statistics to see if I'm getting traffic to my blog. Yes, but not exactly an upward trend. Given that I've just come off a full year of posting a "photo of the day" challenge, I'm guessing my regular visitors were less than thrilled with the change in content type when I started this class. Hey, marketing theory isn't everyone's cup of tea, I understand that! So, my audience has changed. The old audience might not be interested in the content I'm producing, and maybe the new audience just isn't quite sure what to comment about?

I thought perhaps if I make friends by leaving comments on other students' blogs, it might start a trend of reciprocal commenting... but that doesn't seem to have worked either. This article suggests that perhaps I'm not asking for feedback enough, so here I go, asking the question "why aren't you commenting on my blog?".


  1. Chirp chirp. Keep posting. People will find ther way to the content. Procative topics always get a lot of comments, but sometimes that is not the point. Comments are great, but certainly not the sole measure of quality content. Sometimes quite the contrary. Write about what interests you, what stimulates your brain, and what you find interesting... good things will happen

    Also... Many people now choose to comment on fb or twitter versus on blogs so they can discuss amongst friends.

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Prob because you post to much stuff about marketing on face book. So I figure its going to be more of that stuff..

    stuff it put different stuff on that's more widely interesting stuff..

    kind regards

    Stuff and Stuff...