Saturday, July 14, 2012

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

Is it because the content I'm writing about is as interesting as watching paint dry? Is it because people don't even realize that a new post has been created? Is it because they don't realize their comments are welcome? Or is it that people just don't read blogs anymore?

Amberr Meadows offers some reasons she doesn't read certain blogs anymore, including the annoyance of being bugged to read new posts by the authors (er, guilty?); the boredom of content that is self-centered, boring, or a blog that has no sense of community.

I suppose it depends on how likely your target audience is to consume content found online. Are they type to sit and read articles over a coffee, or are they so busy getting their hands dirty helping customers, or running after kids, or pruning Christmas trees that they don't have any desire (or need) to sit and read post after post on your blog. Where do they prefer to go when looking for information? Blogs aren't at the top of the list below.

Perhaps instead they're they type of audience who want to hear a quick tip every Friday afternoon. Or they'd rather schedule time to join a live webinar and listen to a conversation between experts. Or maybe they simply prefer an old fashioned, sit-down, in-person chat with a subject matter expert.

Like any communication channel, it's more effective to find out where your target audience is going to find information and then make your presence known there rather than thinking you can coerce them into changing their habits just to see what you have to say from time to time!

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